From early ages Anatolia, the largest part of modern Turkey has been famous for many civilizations, history, various agricultural products, also recently nice holiday towns and rich cuisine.

Most important aspect is the seeds used are traditional ones and contains no GMO (Genetically Modified Organisms). The use of such seeds is prohibited by law and strict penalties can be enforced. Considering the major cotton growing countries of the world have chosen a different path; we, organic cotton promoters take pride in the purity of our local fiber.  

This does not only prevent contamination to other food crops, but also does not pose any health risks as cotton seed oil is blended in vegetable oils we use for cooking and frying, and animal feed in farms.

Aegean region is located far western part of Turkey, enjoying the best of Mediterranean climate where cotton is grown under the sun, wind and rain of this land by experienced farmers for almost two hundred years. Aegean cotton has all the features expected from a good quality fiber. It is among the best in the world with its characteristics of long fibers, brightness, high strength and homogeneity. Uniform micronaire values, staple length averaging around 30 mm and strength around 32 gpt lead to good quality fine yarns up to NE 70’s.

The biggest difference between yarns spun from Aegean cotton and other origins, is that fabrics produced from this yarn have superior color absorption and retention. This remarkable aspect makes all products to be brighter and more vibrant. For this reason, less dye stuff and less energy are used during production. Another distinct character is the better hand feel of the fabrics produced, so no additional finishing processes are required. We transform Aegean cotton into yarn and further textile products locally, and share this special crop with the whole world.

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